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You arrive in a realm populated by
fierce monsters and fearless heros.
Why you are here or what is to become of you is uncertain
what is known is that the future of this world and your life
​lie squarely in YOUR hands.
Welcome to Kojio's Realm!
Provocation Spot

Provocation Spot

Wednesday, December 28, 2016


Randal Flagg


  1. Minax Faction Has all the Sigils!
    27 Dec, 2016
    Minax Faction Has all the Sigils!
    I've joined the Minax faction and captured all the town sigils!  Anyone want to oppose me? Randal
  2. The Purple Llama of Death
    26 Dec, 2016
    The Purple Llama of Death
    Submit your screenshots here of a Purple Llama of Death and win 50k Gold! Rules- You can not just be macroing or continually casting the spell in order to get the Llama.  It must be in a situation where we can see that it is actually attacking something!  In other words, you need a little luck to win. Submit screenshot as a reply to this post and if deemed worthy you will be awarded 50k Gold from Randal Flagg's personal stash! Here is my first one in this realm!